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Bourse Application

The 86th Anniversary Convention Bourse Application can be downloaded below. 

Booth Holder Terms & Conditions

The CSNS Booth Holder terms & Conditions can be downloaded or viewed in full below.



  1. Any advance additions or changes to booth holder credentials MUST be made no later than April 1, 2025. Changes after that date will be completed only at the event site. 

  2. All credentialed booth personnel must be members of CSNS or have applications pending except for spouse or minor children or stepchildren of the principal dealer.

  3. Applicant must be pre-registered and must also be a member in good standing of CSNS, as must all credentialed personnel (except for spouse(s), civil union partners, or minor children or step-children of primary booth holder), or have a membership application pending.

  4. Neither booth holder nor Early Bird (Professional Preview) credentials will be issued to any individual under suspension or expulsion from membership in CSNS.

  5. Applicant assumes responsibility for conduct of all personnel credentialed by him to his or her booth.

  6. Any booth assistant listed on the application must be a bona-fide employee of the firm listed on the application. Dealers known to be independent from the applying firm will be denied badge privileges, and may be denied Early Bird early entry badges as well.

  7. Only individuals listed on bourse application or otherwise officially accredited to booth and wearing CSNS booth holder badges shall be permitted behind bourse tables.

  8. Applicant shall not permit another dealer or employee of another dealer or wearer of a non-CSNS booth holder credential inside applicant’s booth without the prior approval of the Convention Manager of CSNS.

  9. No booth holder shall permit anyone not officially accredited to his booth to do business in, at or from his booth, or be present inside his booth and agrees to be responsible for and the guarantor of all transactions conducted in, at or from his booth. Violations may result in suspension of bourse privileges or other disciplinary action at the discretion of the CSNS Board of Governors.

  10. Booth holder badges are not transferable and cannot be loaned or given to others. Booth holder badges shall not be modified or changed in any way by badge holder. Violation of these provisions may result in penalties, including but not limited to suspension of bourse privileges or suspension or expulsion from CSNS.

  11. At least 75% of material on display shall be numismatic in nature unless the Convention Manager grants a written waiver. 

  12. If this application is granted, CSNS reserves the right to rescind allocation of bourse space if applicant subsequently is convicted of any felony. Applicant agrees to abide by all rules of the CSNS convention, including the Convention Manual, which is hereby incorporated in this contract by reference, and of the convention center and the political jurisdiction in which the event is held.

  13.  Although security will be furnished, applicant understands that such security is provided as an accommodation only and does not constitute: a guarantee against, a policy of insurance, or a promise to indemnify in the event of loss by fire, flood, sewer or plumbing backup, seepage, leakage or rupture, impact of falling objects, insect or vermin infestation or damage, collapse, robbery, theft, explosion (including, but not limited to nuclear explosion or contamination), mysterious disappearance, natural disaster, chemical, biological, mold, bacterial, odor infiltration  or viral contamination or infection. Applicant specifically acknowledges his or her responsibility to attend his or her booth during all booth holder and/or public hours of convention and further acknowledges that CSNS has advised him or her to obtain his or her own insurance coverage. Applicant acknowledges having been advised of the availability of safe rentals and agrees to secure all containers housing or holding valuables, business records or inventory with chains, cables and/or other recognized security devices.

  14. The submission of this application does not guarantee that bourse space will be granted. Upon recommendation of the Convention Manager, the Board reserves the right to review and/or reject any application. Booth locations are assigned at the discretion of the Convention Manager. Granting of a particular booth location in any given year does not establish a right to the same or any other location in future years.

  15. Applicant shall be responsible for obtaining all permits or licenses required, and agrees to conform to all statutes, ordinances and/or regulations of the City, County and State in which the convention is held. 

  16. It is understood and agreed that no refunds of bourse fees will be made after March 1, 2025. All refund checks must be deposited within 60 days of the date of issuance. Refunds are at the sole discretion of CSNS and subject to a per booth service charge of $75 at the discretion of the Convention Manager. All bourse fees are fully earned by CSNS on receipt by CSNS.

  17. No auction may be conducted in any form or format at any booth or by any booth holder at the convention or anywhere in the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and/or Convention Center during the period beginning seven days prior to the opening of the bourse and concluding seven days after the closing of the bourse without the prior written approval of the CSNS Board of Governors or the Convention Manager.

  18. No auction lots may be shown or delivered at any bourse table for any auction being conducted within 50 miles of the convention site during the period beginning seven days prior to the opening of the convention and concluding seven days after the close of the convention unless a written waiver has been granted by the Convention Manager.

  19.  Encapsulation equipment shall not be operated in any booth on the bourse floor. Upon separate application by grading and encapsulation firms provision may be made to conduct such operations in a separate meeting room of the convention center

  20. Booths not claimed by 9:00 A.M. Thursday April 24th 2025, may, at the sole option of CSNS, revert to CSNS for reassignment without refund to original booth holder. Later arrivals agree to notify the Convention Manager by phone prior to 4:00P.M. on April 23rd, 2025.

  21. Club, association or numismatic society booths shall be used for noncommercial purposes only and no items, other than club memorabilia or services, shall be either bought or sold in, at or from such booths, except as authorized by the Convention Manager. Club booths must be manned at all times during public hours. Such booths shall not be used as a base from which to conduct commercial transactions, or as a means to obtain free early bird badges. Any violation of this will result in permanent cancellation of club table privileges in the future.

  22. Applicant acknowledges that no refund of the bourse fee or any portion thereof shall be due applicant in the event that operation of the convention or any portion thereof is curtailed, reduced or prevented by curtailment of transportation, epidemic, severe weather, natural disaster, riot, rebellion, civil insurrection, act(s) of war, whether declared or undeclared, whether conducted or threatened by a governmental or non-governmental entity and/or acts of terrorism, whether actual or feared, imposition of martial law, suspension of civil liberties and/or any act or order of any governmental authority, whether civil or  military.

  23. Applicant acknowledges that as a condition of obtaining bourse space at the CSNS convention they agree to operate and substantially man their booth during all published booth holder only and public hours of the convention and agree not to reduce the level of operation of their booth or depart from the convention prior to 3PM on Saturday, April 26th, 2025. Booth holder acknowledges that violation of this rule may result in denial of bourse privileges and/or reassignment of bourse location at future conventions at the discretion of the Convention Manager. 

  24. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that booth location is at the discretion of the CSNS Convention Manager and that assignment to a particular location in any year does not establish a right to the same, a comparable, or to any booth location in the following or any subsequent year(s). 

  25. Applicant agrees and acknowledges that failure by CSNS to enforce any provision of this contract or application shall not be construed to create a waiver or modification of applicant’s obligations pursuant to this or future contracts or applications.


Please remember: ALL fees, including booth fee, membership dues through 2025 and fees for additional cases, lights, badges and supplementary signs must be paid in advance with a check payable to CSNS remitted to the Secretary/Treasurer P.O. Box  

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