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Effective July 1, 2022 (Dues submitted at old rates will be returned)

  • $625.00 (US funds) for an individual life Membership (Not Available to Foreign Residents)

  • $1200.00 (US funds) for a club life Membership

  • $30.00 (US funds) for a 1 year Regular Membership. (Adults)

  • $50.00 (US funds) for a 1 year Regular Foreign Membership. (Adults and Clubs outside of US)

  • $50.00 (US funds) for a 1 year US Club Membership.

  • $10.00 (US funds) for 1 year Junior Membership (Under 18)

  • $20.00 (US funds) for 1 year Associate Membership

    (Associate membership does not receive "The Centinel" and must be a household member of a Regular member.)

NOTE: Please send membership applications to Jack Huggins P.O. Box 24267 Belleville, IL 62223


Central States Numismatic Society Membership Information

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