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Effective July 1, 2022 (Dues submitted at old rates will be returned)

  • $625.00 (US funds) for an individual life Membership (Not Available to Foreign Residents)

  • $1200.00 (US funds) for a club life Membership

  • $30.00 (US funds) for a 1 year Regular Membership. (Adults)

  • $50.00 (US funds) for a 1 year Regular Foreign Membership. (Adults and Clubs outside of US)

  • $50.00 (US funds) for a 1 year US Club Membership.

  • $10.00 (US funds) for 1 year Junior Membership (Under 18)

  • $20.00 (US funds) for 1 year Associate Membership

    (Associate membership does not receive "The Centinel" and must be a household member of a Regular member.)
  • NOTE: Please send membership applications to Jack Huggins P.O. Box 24267 Belleville, IL 62223

    Online Membership FAQ

    1) I'm already a Central States member, do I need an online account?

      - That depends! Creating an online account gives you some extra benefits. Such as paying your membership dues online, automatic membership renewal, and getting free online Anniversary Convention tickets.

    2) I already belong to Central States, do I already have an online account?

       - If you did not sign up online, chances are you need to create an online account. If you do not have an email address on file with us, please email with your current information. Once an email address is added to your account, you can sign in and create a password to access your membership page.

    3) I'm having trouble accessing my account.

       - Please email with questions regarding your account. Please be as specific as possible about the problems you are experiencing.

    4) I already belong to Central States, but I got an email about an online membership purchase.

       - If you are already a Central States member but did not have an email address on file or you submitted a payment via personal check, setting up an online account triggers an automatic email detailing your membership and amount paid. You have not been charged twice.

    5) Where do I go to log into my account?

      - At the top of this page in the upper right hand corner, there is a small icon that says "Log In". If you are already signed in, the icon will change to the first letter of your first name.


    Central States Numismatic Society Membership Information

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