The Board and officers of Central States are committed to increasing the number and quality of educational programs it offers to coin clubs and members. The programs listed below are representative of this effort. We are pleased to make all of these programs available to your club, your members and members of CSNS. If you have any suggestions for additional programs, please let us know.

For more information on any program listed below contact:

Speaker Reimbursement Program

The CSNS Speaker Reimbursement Program is deigned to encourage member clubs to invite a well known numismatic speaker to give a talk at a club meeting. This allows clubs the opportunity to have a speaker from outside of their membership and immediate area to come and speak at their meeting. Please see the policies below for details on this program. For questions please contact us at

The following policies shall apply to the CSNS member club outside speakers’ reimbursement program:


1) No more than ten total grants shall be given in any one calendar year.

2) Grants shall be limited to one per member club in each calendar year and shall be limited to $200 per member club during said year.

3) Grants shall be restricted to one speaker only per grant for a single club meeting.

3a) No speaker may be the beneficiary of more than one grant to any member clubs in any one month, nor may any speaker be the beneficiary of more than two such grants in any one calendar year. 

4) No CSNS elected or appointed official or governor shall be eligible to receive any grant money, either directly or indirectly, except for the actual cost of travel where such travel is beyond their own county of residence and also beyond a county contiguous to their county of residence.

5) No grant money shall be disbursed to any member club for a presentation by an individual who is a member of that club, unless such member shall reside outside the state where the club is based. 6) Grant requests must be submitted for review and pre-approval by the Education Director no less than 120 days in advance of the member club function at which the presentation will be made and shall include the name and topic of the speaker, the date the presentation will be made and the name of the member club applying.

6) The President or his designee shall have final approval authority over any grant application and shall take into consideration such factors as the credentials of the proposed speaker, the timeliness and potential audience interest in the proposed topic, as well as the history of a constructive and supportive record of the proposed speaker for the overall programs of the Central States Numismatic Society

7) Reimbursement requests from member clubs for pre-approved speaking engagements shall be submitted to the CSNS Education Director no later than 60 days subsequent to the date of the presentation for which a grant is requested on a form designed by the Education Director and shall include:

a) The name and address of the requesting club.

b) The name and full contact information for the member club contact person.

c) The date of the club meeting at which the presentation was made.

d) The name and topic of the speaker

e) A breakdown of direct club expenses for the speaker appearance, including receipts for expense reimbursements paid to the speaker.

f) A listing of any amount paid by the club directly to the speaker as an honorarium.

8) No expense reimbursements or honoraria shall be paid directly to any speaker by CSNS, but shall only be paid to a participating member club based on approved payments such member club shall have made directly to the speaker and documented to the CSNS Education Director.

Due to Covid-19, CSNS will not be offering new scholarships until the backlog of previous awarded scholarships are fulfilled.

Annual ANA Summer Seminar Scholarship Program

CSNS offers its members one scholarship each year to the American Numismatic Association's Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of an individual's numismatic activities.


The award includes tuition, room, and board, as well as coach airfare from the airport nearest the awardee's place of legal residence. The approximate value of the award is $1400.


Applicants should apply by letter and will be judged primarily on the basis of past contributions to organized numismatics. Examples of activities considered to enhance an application include service as a local, regional, or national numismatic officer, publication of numismatically related articles; a history of exhibiting at coin shows and other numismatic exhibitions; as well as service on the staff of local, regional, or national coin shows or numismatic conventions.

Applications should be submitted prior to August 1, for summer school the following year.



For information about Scholarships contact:

Emerging Professional ANA Summer Seminar Scholarship

Central States Numismatic Society is proud to announce the formation of a new scholarship for young numismatic professionals to attend the ANA’s Summer Seminar.


The Emerging Young Professional Scholarship is designed to help nurture and educate young dealers and help them build a professional network through attending Summer Seminar. CSNS President Mitch Ernst added, “We all have heard that YN’s are the future of the hobby. Yet, no one has thought about helping the future of the dealer side of the hobby. It is our hope that this scholarship will help fill that need.”

The scholarship includes tuition, room, and board, as well as coach airfare from the airport nearest the awardee's place of legal residence. The approximate value of the award is $1400.


Applicants must be thirty years of age or younger, prove they are employed in the numismatic trade, must personally apply (no third party applications), and need not be a Central States Member. 


Full details of and information about the scholarship can be found in the application.

Club DVD Program

The Central States Numismatic Society member club DVD program is designed to allow our member clubs access to our vast library of DVD programs.

Each CSNS member club is entitled to five DVDs per year under our program.  That’s like having five numismatic experts at your club meeting talking on a wide variety of topics five times each year.  How would you like to hear Q. David Bowers speak on "Obsolete paper money, History, rarity and today's market" at your club meeting some month?  Then order DVD # ANA14-031   Or, how about watching "The Penny Lady" Charmy Harker talk about "Lincoln Penny Exonumia.  Things made out of or using Lincoln cents."  That's DVD # ANA15-033.   These speakers can’t be at every club meeting in all of our 13 states.  But, you can still learn from them and gain from their valuable insights by ordering the DVD.


To order these exciting educational opportunities, please email  A copy of the DVD list can be downloaded by clicking the button below. The DVD list is 127 pages long, so we cannot mail it.  But, it is easy to look through the list provided below and  then, after looking through the DVD offerings, submit your order either at the email above, or mail your DVD requests to us at P.O. Box 24559  Omaha, NE 68124