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CSNS Hires Larry Shepherd as Convention Manager

The Central States Numismatic Society is pleased to announce the hiring of Colorado Springs, CO, coin dealer Larry Shepherd as its new convention manager.

Convention operations previously were overseen by Convention General Chairman Kevin Foley and Bourse Chairman Patricia Foley, whose positions were eliminated in a reorganization this summer.

Larry Shepherd in a polo shirt standing on a beach.
Larry Shepherd

CSNS President Mitch Ernst said, “The Central States Board of Governors is excited to welcome Larry aboard. We are looking forward to a bright and rewarding future under Larry's guidance for our convention, our organization and its members as well as the many dealers that set up at our show.”

When the world emerges from COVID-19, things will have changed and Central States needs to be able to change with them, Shepherd said. “The next couple years are going to be Class 5 rapids for coin shows, and some of them, including a couple of the large ones, are not going to make it through to smooth water. We don’t want Central States to be one of them.”

He foresees enlarging the annual convention’s bourse floor, strengthening educational programs and building connections to collectors in the key demographic of 30 to 50 year olds. “This is the point in a coin collector’s life cycle when people who were interested in coins as a kid, become reengaged, with the energy and resources to pursue the hobby in earnest,” he said.

Shepherd, a recipient of this year’s Central States Q. David Bowers award, began collecting at age 10. He started Simco Numismatics in 1989 after 17 years in the banking and investment business. From 2008 to 2011 he served as executive director of the American Numismatic Association, the world’s largest numismatic organization.

As a coin dealer, Shepherd is known for helping collectors build high-quality sets. He has customers in all 50 states, and is a familiar face as a booth-holder at coin shows across the country.

Before founding Simco, he was co-CEO, director and managing director of Irwin Union Capital Corp., a subsidiary of Irwin Financial Corp., for five years. Previously he had served as executive vice president of Irwin Union Bank and Trust and vice president of National City Bank in Dayton, Ohio.

He holds a degree in finance from Miami University and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation as an investment advisor.

During his banking career, Shepherd was a pioneer and frequent lecturer on the subjects of financial innovation and deregulation, including at conferences held by the American Banker’s Association and the Federal Reserve Banks of San Francisco and Kansas City, and on an advisory panel at the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C.

Shepherd, who was acrimoniously fired by the ANA in 2011, sued. The two sides settled in 2015 with the ANA issuing a press release acknowledging Shepherd’s “leadership and accomplishments in helping improve the financial position of the ANA, resolving litigation that was pending at the time of his hire, investigating thefts from the ANA, and promoting the ANA’s membership benefits and conventions.”

Today, Shepherd uses his blog – Larry’s Thoughts – on the Simco website to discuss hobby currents and ethical issues. Simco also operates several Facebook pages dedicated to numismatic education and promoting ethical standards.

Mr. Shepherd can be contacted at: Larry Shepherd CSNS Convention Manager 6050 Stetson Hills Blvd. #464 Colorado Springs, Co. 80923 (719) 464-8801

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