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Letter to our Membership

Central States Numismatic Society has launched a search for a new bourse manager following the expiration of Larry Shepherd's contract on June 30, 2023.

The society appreciates the efforts Mr. Shepherd made to expand the convention these past three years and wishes him well in future endeavors.

Mr. Shepherd was paid $100,000 a year plus expenses. On June 9, Mr. Shepherd presented a compensation proposal asking for $100,000 in bonuses for past performance and an annual base salary of $165,000 going forward.

Mr. Shepherd concluded his proposal with this paragraph (emphasis his):

This offer expires forty-eight hours after presentation to CS. If we reach a deal, I will get to work immediately to bring you even greater things next year. If not, we will part ways on July 1, as friends, and I will return all Central States property in a timely manner.

Additionally, Mr. Shepherd sought the title of Executive Manager of Growth and Development, supervisory control of the society's website and "autonomous authority over Registration, and Bourse, including part-time staff salaries."

The Central States board chose to let the offer lapse. His proposal exceeded the compensation and control level that the CSNS board found acceptable and in the best interest of the organization.

We understand that Mr. Shepherd is disappointed that the relationship was not extended, which resulted in the email he sent to many dealers and CSNS partners in early July. We believe that the best interests of CSNS will not be accomplished by engaging in further explanation or rebuttal.

The board is confident that next year's 85th Anniversary Convention will continue to provide the outstanding experience our members, dealers, and business partners have come to expect from one of the nation's premier numismatic organizations.

In the interim, convention correspondence should be directed to CSNS Secretary Jack Huggins, Box 24267, Belleville, IL 62223-9267.

Signed: The Central States Numismatic Society Board of Governors.

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