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Note to our Members from the Secretary Regarding the 2019 CSNS Election

Updated: May 28, 2020

If you're reading this, you probably already know that CSNS typically holds an election every other year to select our governors, president, and vice president. Although 2019 is such an election year, based on the number of candidates that were nominated for office, CSNS will not be holding an election this year.

Our newly adapted bylaws outline the nomination process, which includes a required minimum of four (4) nominations for any individual candidate. Four individual candidates received the requisite minimum number of nominations to serve in the office of governor and will, therefore, make up our next Board, which will be installed at the Awards and Installation Ceremony on April 25, 2020, during our 81st Anniversary Convention. These four individuals are: (1) David Harper, (2) Carrie Wieners Meyer, (3) Samuel Ernst, and (4) Gregory Oglesby.

This election term, we did not receive any nominations for Vice President. Only one (1) candidate received the requisite minimum number of nominations for President; however, this individual has declined to serve in this capacity.

Our current president, Mitch Ernst, will serve as our immediate past president.

In an upcoming issue of The Centinel, we will publish a statement from each of these individuals, outlining what they hope to accomplish during their time on our Board. Please join me in looking forward to the good works this group will accomplish in the future!


Patricia Foley

CSNS Secretary

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